Coexist – Writing for Change: Human Rights

Date(s) - 2017 February 12
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Owl and Cat Theatre



Friends Institute as part of the Coexist theatre series presents a workshop about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how to bring that to your scripts, novels, short stories, and more.

Places are limited, so book soon!

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My 2017 Wish to You All

2017 is opening with many challenges already in place.

I wish you the strength to find courage and to engage with events in order to create a world better than you found it.

I wish you the wisdom to be self-reflective and compassionate. Take the time to do what is thoughtful and kind.

I wish you to find greatness of heart, so that you exercise the capacity to include all humanity in your respect and goodwill.

I wish you an empathy that embraces all living beings, so that you work for their well-being as if they are the most treasured of family, because they are.

I wish you to be surrounded by a nurturing love that you give to yourself, so that you easily become the person you need to be in order to bring light to our times.

In friendship,


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Writing for Change

Date(s) - 2016 November 13
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Owl and Cat Theatre



As part of the Coexist series of events spend the day learning how to effectively write stories that inform, change people’s minds, and encourage action.

Learn about:

  • Writing beyond stereotypes
  • Researching your subject
  • Protecting those you write about
  • Keeping your storytelling engaging
  • and more

Bookings for the writing workshop are now closed. This event will be run again sometime in 2017!

Living with one another, living with all life.
Plays and discussions about
social justice and the environment.

The second Sunday of each month at the Owl and Cat Theatre will be dedicated to putting on plays, having discussions, and holding workshops about the prosocial and life-affirming.

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Young Adult Theatre

Date(s) - 2016 January 30
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

KereKere Green


If you are in your late teens to twenties, you are coming into a world with a lot of problems created by earlier generations. You are right to be concerned and you are right to want your concerns heard. Theatre is an important place to be heard because you can engage people’s thoughts and emotions, creating empathy for the circumstances of your characters. If you are interested in issues to do with the environment, social justice, and human rights and want to write and perform works that address these issues, contact us. We will soon begin meetings to create new works that grapple with these issues from your perspective.

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Cafe chat: The 17 Global Goals for Sustainability

Date(s) - 2015 November 21
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Breizoz French Creperie



On 27 November Melburnians will be joining the People’s Climate March. This is to support the acceptance of 17 UN proposed global goals for sustainability.

  • Want to know what those goals are?
  • Want to better understand them?

Join us for a relaxing brunch to discuss this historic effort to set the world onto a more humane and environmentally sustainable path to the future.


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Some International Exposure

Katherine Phelps was interviewed in relationship with Third Place for a British education site.

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What Creates Peace?
An exploration of the UN Declaration of Human Rights

Date(s) - 2015 September 20
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Hub - Docklands


What does the UN Declaration of Human Rights have to say to Australians today? How might we talk about human rights in every day language? Why not work together to figure out what it all means! A fun afternoon of learning, exploring, discussing, and creating!

Come along and find out how human rights play a core role in bringing about peace. Part of the UN International Day of Peace festivities.

Book fast! Limited seating: <>


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An exploration of the UN Declaration of Human Rights

Evergreen State College

In July Katherine Phelps will be flying to the US and hold a meeting with some of the deans at Evergreen State College.

Evergreen State College encourages students to be active and engaged citizens. Students work with faculty to develop a unique course of study across a diversity of academic disciplines. Narrative evaluations from faculty, with meaningful and usable feedback, replace competitive grades. The college enables students to participate collaboratively and responsibly in our diverse society. Evergreen State College is a world leader in progressive liberal higher education.

We hope to learn from this connection how better to found our own university and better serve our community. We hope this will result in an ongoing relationship with this institution.

When Dr Phelps returns she will present a talk about the Evergreen State College educational formula.

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Meet and Greet

Date(s) - 2015 June 11
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Electron Workshop



Come along to our Friends Institute meet and greet:

  • Find out about the institute!
  • Meet the people!
  • Eat biscuits!

Friends Institute is establishing itself as a grassroots higher education facility with workshops, courses, research, publications, and conferences. We want to know about you as much as we hope you want to know about us. Let’s get together and share ideas!

This is a FREE EVENT.

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Programming with Ruby for Beginners

Date(s) - 2015 May 31
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Hub - Docklands



Ruby is a currently popular programming language that is powerful and
easy to learn. It supports several major programming techniques:
imperative, functional, and object-oriented programming. It is open
source and available for free on Windows, MacOS and Linux. It has an
active community and a large library of components that make it easy to
build on the work of others and share your own work. Ruby also makes it
easy to write tests to ensure your software works as intended and to
include documentation along with your programs.

This class will get you started with obtaining and installing Ruby, the
basic syntax and features of the Ruby programming language, how to
write, document and test simple programs, and how to find and use Ruby
Gems – components created by other programmers.

Target Audience:

  • People with no programming experience who want to learn to program
    using Ruby
  • People with knowledge of other programming languages who want to learn
  • People who would like to learn Web App development using Rails and
    need basic Ruby skills

Instructor: Andrew Pam

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