Storytelling for a Better World

CC BYSA 2009 Dori

Our culture needs to change, our vision of the future needs to change. In this way people are readier to embrace what needs to be done to achieve a better world. Storytelling engages the whole person: their thoughts, feelings, and connections with the people they care about. It is an excellent way to help people to take appropriate next steps, rather than digging in and denying what is happening around them.

Various genres have arisen to meet the challenge: solarpunk, hopepunk, ecofiction, utopianism, and more.

This course discusses how storytelling needs to evolve. We explore what would genuinely make for a brighter tomorrow. Together students then learn and apply the tools which will help us all to share healthier visions of what our world can be.

Sign up for this course will be on Patreon by donation (any amount). More details to come! Just comment below if you are interested.

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