Earthmender Fiction
How to be a Storyteller and an Earthmender

Solar house, Frogmire by Derek Harper

I like exciting stories.
I like imaginative new worlds.
I like adventurous characters.

People have liked these sorts of stories for a long time. Such stories have been told around campfires, in books, on tv shows, in movies, or as part of computer games.

We live in challenging times: times when big changes need to happen and fast. Those of us who are storytellers, we have important skills that the world requires. We have the capacity to imagine and portray better futures in order to help people to create better futures.

When we immerse ourselves in stories, we put ourselves in a position to learn what it is like to be different people–to feel their pain and their joys. We start taking on their concerns, as if they were our own. We practise what it feels like to be in certain circumstances. In our imaginations we practise what actions we might take. We allow our minds and our hearts to be opened.

We need storytellers who can create cracking good stories that draw people in and inspire them. These stories need to represent the ways in which we can mend our relationships with one another and with all living things on Earth.

We have all seen and heard the dire warnings from dystopian fiction. But what does better look like? How do we get there? How do we maintain it? How do we ensure this is a healthy place for the human spirit and for all humankind? How do we ensure it is healthy for our living world?

The more visions of a fluorishing and functional world we collectively put forward, the more likely people will start acting on these ideas, finding which ones truly make a difference. In this way you are an Earthmender and we all become Earthmenders.

If this sort of storytelling excites you, please contact me. I lectured on storytelling for computer game design for nearly a decade. I am now opening my doors to helping people change the world with their most life-affirming visions.

My next engagement for teaching Earthmender Fiction will be at the Panton Hill Living & Learning Centre Thursday evenings in October 2021. You can find more details on the Living & Learning Nillumbik website.

K Phelps

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