Writing for Change


2016 November 13    
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Owl and Cat Theatre
34 Swan Street, Cremorne, VIC, 3121

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As part of the Coexist series of events spend the day learning how to effectively write stories that inform, change people’s minds, and encourage action.

Learn about:

  • Writing beyond stereotypes
  • Researching your subject
  • Protecting those you write about
  • Keeping your storytelling engaging
  • and more

Bookings for the writing workshop are now closed. This event will be run again sometime in 2017!

Living with one another, living with all life.
Plays and discussions about
social justice and the environment.

The second Sunday of each month at the Owl and Cat Theatre will be dedicated to putting on plays, having discussions, and holding workshops about the prosocial and life-affirming.